Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Day 46 Hamburg, New York to Canandaigua 96 miles

Todays ride despite being rained on for the first 25 miles was a really nice ride. We are definitely in the heart of New York State; this part of the state is where most of the wine vineyards are as you can imagine it is a very pretty part of the state.

Todays ride:

Wake up call at 5:30, Breakfast at 6am, load luggage at 6:45am, and on the bikes by 7am. Today I was riding with my regular crew, Chicago Bob, Washington DC Bill, and Yope from the Netherlands. Each day we become a better riding unit and today was no exception; we probable had the strongest ride of the trip so far.
When we rode out the sky was as dark as (you guessed it) a good glass of Cabernet; the sky opened up after just 1 1/2 miles of riding. The good news no lightning and Thunder, the bad news it was really coming down hard. At mile 17 we held up under an overpass, looked like four Hobo's hanging out. After about twenty minutes the rain let up a bit and we rode off, it lasted until mile 25 and the sun replaced all of that wet stuff and we had a chance to dry off as we rode on.
The roads were a series of gentle rollers which made for really pleasant riding; and you can maintain some great speed going up and over these bad boys. We passed through the Towns of Clinton, Avon, Lima, Bloomfield, and a lot of smaller clusters of 12, and 16 houses. I mention the towns for my friend Tim who is from Buffalo; and just completed his fourth Death Ride for his 60th birthday.
As our trip draws closer to a close so do the rides, todays ride of 96 miles is the last long ride that is on tap, we have a 69, 79, 77, 79, 84, and a 64 mile ride left. I should ad that some of these rides coming up in the next six days have some pretty good vertical gain so it is by no means a walk through the park.
Todays ride ended in a very cool place, we are in the finger lake district of the state. There are five lakes that surround this area; Lake Hemlock, Lake Canadice, Lake Honedy, Lake Seneca, and Lake Canandaigua. Canadaigua is the best known of the lakes that are in this area. In addition we are surrounded by fifteen wineries. We are just here for the night so I won't have a chance to take in to many of the local sites. I got to see a lot of great scenery while on the bike today; as I do every day. As much as I would like to sample some of the local wine; that is not going to happen. We sure had a great ride today; and all riders made it in safe.

Tomorrows ride - Canandaigua, New York to Liverpool, New York; we will be staying at the Hampton Inn. We will be riding through New York for three more days, and then we will ride in to Vermont.

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