Saturday, July 19, 2014

Day 49 Little Falls, New York to Latham, New York 78 miles

It is hard to believe but we are down to three days of riding left; the group has cycled 3,618 miles we have 227 miles to go to hit Portsmouth, New Hampshire. In the next two days of cycling we will have just under 12,000 feet of vertical gain which is a great way to wind up the ride. The final day riding in to Portsmouth, N.H. will be a cake walk; you know that this rider will be doing a little celebrating with the rest of the cyclist.
My final blog will be on the 22nd; I will try my best to put this incredible adventure in to prospective for all of you.

Todays ride:

Wake up call at 5:30am, 6am breakfast, 6:45 load luggage, 7am on the bikes riding. This was a really pretty ride today; we paralleled a river called the Mohawk River for just about the entire ride. The river is a pretty big river about 200 yards wide; and there was boat traffic on the river. On the other side of the road were rolling hills; the scenery was to die for the entire ride. Today I was riding with a group of nine riders; Chicago Bob, Washington D.C. Bill, and Yope from the Netherlands were also riding in the group.
We had promised each other that we were going to hold it down today because of the climbing that we had in front of us over the next two days. Two miles out it became an all out hammer fest led by yours truly; I have never had the good sense to ride easy in the past why start now. The pace stayed at around 19/22 mph for the entire ride; occasionally it would rise a bit depending on who was in front pulling.

We cycled through two towns by the name of Rotterdam, and Amsterdam; so we stopped while the boys from the Netherlands took pictures of them self's under the signs. And I saw the longest train that I ever saw in my life four locomotives were pulling all of these cars; not exaggerating it was over a mile and a half long. Even Chicago Bob who has seen a lot of trains commented that he had never seen a train with four locomotives pulling it.
Todays route was a bit technical there were 47 turns; to every ones surprise we didn't even get lost once. During this trip all of us have got lost at one time or another, we refer to them as bonus miles when that happens.
Two days ago I made a wrong turn and ended up climbing up a gnarly hill that pitched up to 16% towards the top of the climb; and was about a mile long. Yope from the Netherlands followed me up the hill also; and we had a good laugh when we got in.
Todays ride was a kick ass ride; when you are riding in a pack it is a hoot. All riders made it in safe, that is always a good thing
Tomorrows ride - Latham, New York to Brattleboro, N.H.; this ride should be a good one. We will be staying at the Holiday Inn Express.

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