Sunday, July 20, 2014

Day 50 Latham, New York to Brattleboro, Vermont 80 miles

Well folks we are down to two days, and 148 miles to go to ride in to Portsmouth, N.H. Today was a great ride ended up doing  bit over 6,000 vertical gain in 80 miles; the fellows that I ride with back home would have enjoyed this ride a lot. The weather was perfect with very little wind; and the road conditions were fantastic.

Todays Ride:

Wake up call at 6:30 (Got to sleep in an extra hour), Breakfast 7am, Load luggage 7:30am, on the bikes riding at 7:45. Today I was riding with Chicago Bob, Yope from the Netherlands, and Washington D.C. Bill; ride out temperature was in the high 60's.
Today we had four climbs, a four mile climb at mile six, a five mile climb at mile twenty two, a eight mile climb at mile thirty eight, and a three mile climb at mile fifty nine. All of these climbs were quite gentle with an average gradient of 6/8%. The road conditions were the best of the trip so far; so you could let your bike go o the descents; which we did. The rest of the roads were a series of gentle rollers.
At mile thirty two we passed in to the State of Vermont; we all stopped and took pictures of each other under the "Welcome to Vermont" sign. The four of us had a great ride today, we are riding really well as a team of four riders. The last eight miles heading in to Brattleboro was a down hill with some of the sweetest sweeping curves that this rider has seen in a long time. Our speed on those last eight miles was around 35/39mph, all in a single line spaced about three feet apart. When all of the riders have confidence in each other you can ride like that; each rider knows what the other rider is going to do.(we hope). Any way it was a hoot riding in to town; and I imagine looked pretty cool too.
Tomorrows ride is from Brattleboro, Vermont to Manchester, N.H.; we will be staying at the Comfort Inn. Tomorrow will be another day of climbing, with a thousand feet more vertical gain than today.


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