Monday, July 21, 2014

Day 51 Brattleboro, Vermont to Manchester, New Hampshire 80 miles

Todays ride was a fitting ride for day 51 we had some great climbs; and the four of us had a really good ride. The weather and scenery was fantastic, roads were a bit rough so you had to be on top of your game. It is hard to wrap the thought around my brain that we have almost completed this fantastic adventure. When we started 51 days ago tomorrows ride sure seemed a long ways off; this morning while I was putting on my riding kit it really hit me that we were almost there. For those who are keeping track we have cycled through 13 states, stayed in 51 different cities, cycled 3,781 miles, and have 64 miles to cycle in to Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Todays Ride:

Wake up call at 5:30am; breakfast at 6am, load luggage at 6:45am, on the bikes riding at 7am. Today I was riding with the same group of riders, Chicago Bob, Washington D.C. Bill, and Yope from the Netherlands. As you can imagine there was a lot of chatter between the group looking back on the rides that we have done together in the past seven weeks.
At mile one we stopped at the New Hampshire state line to take photos under the sign. As soon as we jumped back on our bikes we encountered our first climb, this climb was around one and a half miles long and woke every one up. These hills were not to long but had some pretty good pitches; every rider in the group showed up with legs so the team climbed up and over all of the climbs together. At mile 54 we rolled in to our last sag stop, watered up grabbed some fruit and we were off riding the last 26 miles.
The weather for the entire ride was fantastic, no wind, and the scenery was beautiful. We were in and out of hills for pretty much all of this ride; didn't really flatten out until we were just about in the City limits of Manchester. All riders made it in safe, it just took a little longer for some to complete the ride because of the hills that we rode in today.

Tomorrows Ride will be the final ride, for The Ride Across America for Alzheimer's, as you can imagine there is a lot of excitement and emotion going through this riders head. I will be sending out my last blog with the days activities and my thoughts on the ride.

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